ensemble multaqa

“Multaqa – Trialogue of Religions”

“Multaqa” means meeting point. Ney meets Recorder, Djoze meets Viola da Gamba, Oud meets Lute, connected by framedrums and arabic, classical and yiddish singers. This ensemble is focussed in the uniting element ot oriental and occidental cultures, music and religions. This programme shows suprising connections of sephardic, yiddish, arabic and early music; bringing together versed and virtuos specialists on stage.
Music doesn’t know boundaries – music is the answer.

Ensemble Multaqa
Diana Matut – Yiddish Chant
Rita William – Arabic Chant
Björn Werner – Chant
Rageed William – Nay
Annegret Fischer – Recorders
Bassem Hawar – Djoze
Benjamin Dreßler – Viola da Gamba
Saif al-Khayyat – Oud
Erik Warkenthin – Baroque Guitar
Nora Thiele – Percussion, Frame Drums, Darbucca, Artistic Director