co co collective

Minimal Music – the art of repetition

Britta Bauman (piano)
Eva Maria Weinreich (piano)
Tomohito Nakaishi (piano)
Nora Thiele (piano, Artistic Director)

FULL LIVE STREAM CONCERT from 14th november 2020 on youtube


“CANTO OSTINATO” is a splendiferous experience.
Simeon ten Holt wrote this minimalist piece for four pianos and called it ritual music. Tightly interwoven voices are sounding and shimmering in endless beauty, the repetitions dissolve the sense of time into timeless trance. Captivating tone colors – delicate, intense, bold and dance-like at the same time.
Meditate, sit, dance and fly with us!
The CO CO COLLECTIVE has dedicated itself to rhythmically emphasized cross-genre music. Artists from other fields are also involved – DJ * s, painters, dancer, light designer.

what the audience says …
“Canto Ostinato is pure meditation! It unleashes the imagination, lets thoughts flow, relaxes the whole body. “
“I am happy that I was allowed to be part of this musical journey. Closed my eyes, the rhythm took me inside. After a while it was no longer conceivable that this sound wave would ever ebb again … “
“Great! A piece like life. Associations with Africa, with eternity, with changes, although nothing is changing.”