Nora Thiele “Pieces for Frame Drum”

„Always musical, full of surprises, and such a joy to see perform is the great German percussionist Nora Thiele. Her innate sense of musicality and creatively original ideas make her recent contribution to modern frame drum pedagogy an outstanding resource for students, teachers, and other professional percussionists. This collection fills a necessary gap in published frame drum repertoire, offering five solo pieces and five duets for lap-style frame drumming. In watching her video performances of the pieces, I found myself carried along by the musicality and surprised by her creatively fresh ideas. Her voice as an original and creative artist with much to say speaks loud and clear.“
N. Scott Robinson,
Off Beat, Juni 2014
Pfeffer Perkussion
Nora Thiele “Tarantella und Tarentismus: Geschichte, Ursprung, Mythos”

VDM Verlag (April 2009), 52 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-3639043099
Radio Play Music
Christoph Peters: “Ein Zimmer im Haus des Krieges”
Regie: Günter Maurer
SWR, 2009

Charlotte Roos: “Schwein und Wein”
mit Marcus Horndt
Regie: Robert Schön
SWR, 2011