Nora Thiele, Foto: Antje Seeger 2019

Nora Thiele is a master on frame drums and one of the leading percussionists in Europe. Her play stands for a highly sensitive unique sound and creative virtuosity in the field of World Percussion. In different formations between early music, non-European music, jazz, improvisation and contemporary music, she builds bridges between cultures, genres and epochs. With more than 1000 concerts, she toured as a soloist, guest musician and with her own bands through Europe, the Middle East and China. Nora Thiele composes music for her own projects and is the Artistic Director of the Playgroundfestival Weimar since 2013.

Internationally, Nora Thiele is highly regarded for her precise and sensitive pedagogy and teaches courses at festivals and conservatories regularly. With her 20 year lasting teaching experience, she has developed her own style, combining elements of Indian, African, South American, European and Middle Eastern rhythmic cultures, and facilitating the perfection of sense of rhythm. In respect of traditions, innovative concepts are derived and facilitate modern creativity.

Nora Thiele is always looking for cooperations with other art forms such as theater, dance, art, film and literature. She is convinced that borders are imaginary, and that there is nothing better than music to make it possible to experience how much everything in the world is connected to each other – people, religions, identities, continents, cultures, epochs.


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